Best Argentine Tango songs

May 7, 2015
The Best of Argentine Tango

If you value songs after that you’ll have lots of fun discovering Spanish. From Spain to Cuba and from Mexico to Chile visitors each Spanish-speaking nation features an abundant music history.

Argentina has its own own make of music, affected by the united states's record and spiced using its love for tango. Here are our top picks for classic Argentine tracks:

1. El Día Que Me Personally Quieras – Carlos Gardel

This can be one of the more famous tracks inside history of tango. The music and lyrics are fantastic but we mightn’t suggest it for newbies, as it's pretty tough to make out the text. The fact the variation sung by tango icon Gardel had been recorded inside 1930s ensures that the quality of sound is not all of that great, nevertheless restrained passion and longing in the voice nevertheless shine through.

2. Mariposa Teknicolor – Fito Paez

Onto a more contemporary song today, this really is an excellent song to examine heightened Spanish with as words tend to be fairly complicated and he sings areas of it certainly quickly. You’ll feel fantastic when you can finally sing “ellas cocinaban el arroz / se levantaba sus principios /de sutil emperador”

3. Gracias A La Vida – Mercedes Sosa

It is probably the most impressive Argentine songs plus one of this simplest to master also. Sosa ended up being a legendary singer songwriter and also this is regarded as the woman most famous efforts.

4. Color Esperanza – Diego Torres

Torres has actually sung some fantastic soulful pop tracks which is arguably his most useful. It is a hopeful, good track which turns up on TV lots.

5. De Música Ligera – Soda Stereo

You can’t beat some fairly hefty stone when you're discovering a language, is it possible to? You can find great Argentine stone banks and Soda Stereo is perhaps the best of all of them. The lyrics are short and simple and easy, even though you might spend time wanting to workout what “Ella durmió al calor de las masas, y yo desperté queriendo soñarla" truly indicates.

6. Rosa Rosa – Sandro

While Sandro passed on a couple of years ago, the sensation that he was at the '60s and '70s life on.

7. Caminito – Different Artists

Another classic tango track here, Caminito was sung by many musicians throughout the years. While tango may possibly not be your cup beverage, if you should be in Buenos Aires learning Spanish you may also give the dance a spin.

8. La Felicidad – Palito Ortega

We possess the image of this singer becoming slightly like an Argentine Cliff Richard but don’t hold that against him. He's well-known for performing vibrant pop music tracks and also this is a classic from yesteryear. You won’t be able to resist singing additionally one while performing funky 60s dance moves.

9. Los Angeles Flor Más Bella – Memphis Los Angeles Blusera

The Argentines can do blues and. It is a great track for singing along side and practising the initial Argentine “sh” noise from the “ll”, as you sing “Ella es la flor más bella / vagando por las estrellas / brilla más que el sol”.

10. La Cumparsita – Various Artists

It seems just right that individuals finish off with another classic tango tune, and also this one simply snuck in in front of Volver and Cambalache, even if it is technically from Uruguay. In the event that you was raised in the UK a beneficial few years back you could immediately visualize robots making mashed potatoes when you hear this instantly recognisable track. Some versions be seemingly instrumental you can find variations nowadays containing unfortunate, lonely lyrics. Exactly how many people will have danced to the listen in Buenos Aires over the years?

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