Michigan Argentine Tango Club

July 12, 2022
Learn TANGO with the Michigan

How to be a member?

As a UM pupil, you are able to become a member by paying $10 yearly account dues. Could enjoy:

  1. $5 off on regular lesson series
  2. ten dollars off festival complete passes as long as keeping a HY or a FY pass during an event.
  3. Eligibility to run and vote for MATC executive board.
  4. Preference over non-members for private classes

Non- UM pupils can put on for account on line. Since UM student clubs must maintain a specific proportion of pupils to non-students, not all the applications can lead to membership. The registration officer will notify you regarding your membership standing depending upon supply. As a member you enjoy:

  1. Inclination over non-members for exclusive classes.

Full and half-year passes

Starting in 2013, full 12 months and half-year passes are around for every person interested in getting a member. UM-Students which spend the account application charge will straight away become a member and may purchase a half 12 months or full 12 months pass. With respect to the number of student people, we may never be capable offer membership to all non-students and non-UM pupils just who apply for membership. But obtaining account and paying the annual charge will enable all of them to get complete 12 months and half-year passes within exact same rate as people. Here is the case no matter if they're not offered account as a result of our limitations.

Pricing Framework

Membership Dues (yearly) Drop-in Pass Consumer Series Pass Associate Series Pass First Time User Pass Half Year Pass Full 12 Months Pass

ten dollars $5 $25 $20 $50 $80
Non-student $35 $30 $75 $130

The math of FY and HY passes

As a UM pupil, FY and HY passes give use of most of the regular occasions of club (excluding special activities like festivals and workshops), you'll be saving,
$150 (price of all example show for per year) - $90 (Full 12 months go + membership fee) = $60 (Saved)
$75 (cost of all class show for a half-year) - $60 (half-year pass + membership charge) = $15 (Saved)

Non UM pupils and non-students access all the regular activities of the club (not festivals, workshops along with other special events), you will end up saving,
$210 (cost of all example series for a-year) - $150 (Comprehensive 12 months go + account cost) = $60 (Saved)
$105 (price of all training show for a half-year) - $85 (half-year go + membership charge) = $20 (Saved)

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Source: umich.edu
Argentine Tango Fire & Ice 09 Sunday music jam
Argentine Tango --- Fire & Ice 09 Sunday music jam
Argentine Tango Fire & Ice 09 Sunday dancing at music jam
Argentine Tango --- Fire & Ice 09 Sunday dancing at music jam
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