Dickson Yum Cha

October 23, 2021

Yum cha during the Scholar

It’s about time Canberra had good yum cha at reasonable rates! Soy and I also love yum cha, and have now been disappointed within top-notch yum cha available in Canberra. As uni pupils, we accustomed look ahead to weekend trips to Sydney, in which yum cha in Chinatown ended up being recommended. Through the years, we found our favourite yum cha restaurant in a seemingly incongruous location- the Canterbury club in Belmore. The Chinese restaurant in club had not just a wide variety of dishes, they tasted great, made use of fresh components and had been extremely decently priced! As more yum cha restaurants appeared in Canberra, we continued to be let down, while they appeared to either compromise on price or high quality. Therefore, we reserved our yum cha pigging out sessions to our Sydney trips. Which, before the Scholar exposed in Dickson, Canberra’s Chinatown.

i need to acknowledge, we were sceptical initially, nevertheless the Scholar turned out to be every little thing we love about a beneficial yum cha restaurant- fresh yum cha, a wide variety of steamed dumplings, and reasonable prices (and a wicked chilli sauce!). If you ask me, the mark of a good yum cha restaurant is the variety and top-notch their particular steamed dumplings. You can’t truly make a mistake with deep-fried dumplings, but trust me, one can go really incorrect with steamed dumplings. Gladly, this is incorrect because of the Scholar’s steamed dumplings, that have been piping hot, fresh, along with tender rice paper situations, as you care able to see from prawn and coriander dumplings above.

The deep fried dumplings were additionally tasty- these lobster dumplings, consumed with a little bit of mayo, were crisp externally and juicy inside. The pan fried taro dessert with components of dried lap cheong was anything quite various, but really tasty.

Another significant advantage for me in regards to the Scholar is that their particular traditional yum cha dishes are amazing. Soy and I also absolutely have actually our favourites, and all of them are extremely done! This seen juk guen is regarded as my absolute favourites that i need to have if we have yum cha. They are basically steamed soybean sheets encasing a filling of beef and vegetables and covered in oyster sauce. The Scholar’s version does not let you down. The stuffing is juicy in addition to soybean sheet is soft and never rubbery.

Fong zau or braised chicken feet is Soy‘s yum cha necessity. Personally don’t eat chicken foot as I don’t like gelatinous designs, and this meal is focused on savouring the flavoursome steamed skin associated with chicken. Soy polishing off this whole meal by herself is testament to how great it must be!

The Scholar does great meals filled with a prawn and seafood paste, in style of yong tau foo this is certainly well-known in Singapore and Malaysia. We love the stuffed eggplant (soy can complete the whole portion), stuffed tofu

and stuffed mushrooms!

I love yong tau foo, that is more averagely flavoured, which means this braised version is significantly diffent but is an equivalent dish. The steamed seafood filling is somewhat bouncy and packed with seafood taste.

Wu gok, a-deep deep-fried taro puff, is yet another certainly one of my must-haves. We'd to request this dish as it ended up beingn’t presented using other dishes, also it came to the end of your dinner. Though I was pretty complete at the same time, the golden colour regarding the crispy nests ended up being excessively for me personally to resist. Although the crust is crispy, the taro continues to be melt-in-your-mouth inside. Alongside the delicious meat completing, smooth taro and crispy crust, the combination if textures is what makes these puffs my all-time yum cha favourite.

The one thing about eating little morsels is you get quite full without observing it! From knowledge, I always verify we leave hardly any room for dan tah, egg custard tarts after the dinner. I’ve had some pretty ordinary dan tahs within my time, thus I understand whenever an excellent one tends to make its way past my tastebuds. I’m never as obsessive about dan tahs as Soy is, therefore it is unusual when I in fact enjoy a melty custard that's not also eggy, encased with a flaky crust. I suppose I became too pleased eating that We forgot to simply take photos associated with tarts! Oops… you will only have to simply take my word that they are gorgeous, and attempt them aside for yourself!

So they are our favourite yum cha dishes. What exactly are your absolute must-haves during yum cha?

The Scholar Chinese Restaurant

23 Woolley St, Dickson

6257 9983

The Scholar doesn’t accept bookings before 1.30pm on vacations, so we strongly suggest that you are going early in order to prevent being forced to wait a long time for a dining table. Yum cha starts at 11am on weekends.

Source: www.honeyandsoy.com
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