Basic Salsa dance steps

October 4, 2019
How to Dance Salsa : Basic

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Component 1

Learning how to Count the songs

  1. Pay attention to music to know the beat. All music has actually a beat or standard rhythm to it that may be counted. Music has actually a particular few beats per measure, which is generally 3, 4 or 6 beats. In salsa songs there are 4 beats per measure. The essential salsa party step makes use of 2 measures of music, or 8 beats.
    • Try clapping the rhythm of this songs while counting 1-8.
    • Beginners should use salsa songs that features a slower beat and an accented percussion. This will help you hear the beat within the music.
    • Some good beginner songs are "sluggish Salsa" by Jimmy Bosch, "Cuera Maraca y Bongo" by Los Nemus, "Cosas Nativas" by Frankie Ruiz, or "Yamulemau" by Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz.
  2. Clap the rhythm of this tips. The fundamental salsa action uses 8 beats to perform, however you don’t step on all 8 music. The feet proceed music 1, 2, 3 with a pause on beat 4; you step once again on beats 5, 6, 7 and pause on beat 8.
    • Clap once you would be going, and don’t clap whenever you don’t move to know the rhythm regarding the party step.
    • The rhythm will undoubtedly be clap-clap-clap-pause-clap-clap-clap-pause. Repeat this rhythm throughout a whole song.
  3. 3

    Image titled Dance a simple help Salsa Step 2 March the rhythm regarding the steps. Decide to try standing and marching your feet in place with the salsa rhythm you just clapped. Move your own feet upon beats 1, 2, and 3, pausing on beat 4, and duplicate the sequence for music 5 through 8.

Part 2

Dancing the procedures

  1. Mark the opportunities of tips on the floor. Put numbered cards or sheet of report on the floor to indicate locations to place your feet when you dance.
    • No. 1 will be your starting place, place it in the space.
    • Number 2 must be put about 1 foot before # 1.
    • Number 3 should be placed about 1 base behind number 1.
    • No. 4 should-be put about 1 foot behind no. 3.
  2. 5

    Begin the dance with both legs in place 1. If you are prepared to begin the salsa dance you'll step to another number.

  3. Step of progress to # 2 along with your left foot on beat 1. You may alternate which foot you step with for each beat.
  4. 7

    Image titled Dance a fundamental Step in Salsa Step 3 Rock straight back on your correct foot on beat 2. Shift weight from front to back again to move the human body position. Swing your hips somewhat to highlight the movement.

  5. 8

    Go your left foot back into # 3 on beat 3. Keep your weight on your ball of foot whenever you move backwards. Could stay in this position during beat 4.

  6. 9

    Roll weight from basketball of your foot on heel on beat 4. cannot go your own feet during beat 4.

  7. 10

    Step backwards with your correct base to number 4 on beat 5. maintain your left-foot in place during action 5.

  8. 11

    Rock your weight forward in your left foot on beat 6. Swing your sides while you shift your bodyweight to help add design to your salsa dance.

  9. 12

    Move your right base forward back to number one on beat 7. Keep your weight on your golf ball of your foot as you step your correct foot forward.

  10. 10

    Balance your bodyweight on beat 8. cannot collect your feet during action 8. This is actually the last matter regarding the standard salsa step.

    • Perform matters 1-8 once again to carry on the party.
  11. 11

    Application the measures without music. Count the amounts of the beat and move your feet gradually to perfect the action.

    • Add music thoughts is broken confident when you look at the footwork.


  • Use your hips and hands to accentuate the activity and add design to your salsa.
  • Typical salsa music has actually a quick beat around 150 - 225 beats per minute (BPM).

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Basic Salsa Dance Steps
Basic Salsa Dance Steps
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