Argentine Tango Dress patterns

April 10, 2023

Salsa & Tango Top ‘Rosalie’°SALE° Rotated. Gathered. And always different things: Top Rosalie’s play of shade, surface and using options.

39.20 € *

°SALE° an immediate classic: Ebony and creme-colored tango dress layered with black mesh, with on a clean, straight hem. Tango to wear!

103.20 € *

Sexy Carmen-inspired shirt made from purple viscose jersey with black colored mesh layering and see-through sleeves. It’s Tango, in textile!

69.00 € * Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Valencia’

A touch of the Roaring ’20s: an elegant tango dress created from red jersey with rust-colored sequined insets. The highlight: the open back!

129.00 € *

A timeless and classic dance dress for Tango, Salsa and Ballroom, produced from black jersey featuring arresting precisely the rear.

129.00 € *

°SALE° Ebony jersey dance top inlayed with shimmering rust-orange sequins, for each and every Milonga and dancing celebration.

95.20 € * Salsa & Tango Shirt ‘Flores’

Elegance has a new title: Dance Top ‘Viola’. Lilac Top with an alluring layer of good black mesh. Notice it to think it!

49.00 € *

Super light salsa and tango pants in colorful paisley design with an elastic waist and a cuffed hem. Our celebrated trousers with wings!

129.00 € *

Sexy Carmen-inspired clothing made from black colored viscose jersey. Fashionable sleeves of fine black colored mesh for seductive semi-transparency.

59.00 € *

°SALE° An elegant dance wear a fetching A-form. Produced from jersey, for perfect convenience at your following Milonga or Salsa party.

95.20 € *
Salsa & Tango Dress ’Scarlett’ Salsa & Tango Dress ‘Toscana’ Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Greta’ Salsa & Tango Top ‘Viola’
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