Lyrics Don t Cha

August 1, 2020
Pussycat Dolls - Don`t cha

I understand you have the hummer
For summer baby
But i acquired your quantity child
I acquired your quantity infant

I was attempting to protect you from yourself
'Cause we respect you
And I feel like you simply might
Be someone who I could enter into

But I never ever appear to get your attention
And it is buggin' me personally why I also decide to try
Nevertheless you are some one let me get to know
Is space for me inside one-man tv show?

A car or truck this good
Don't pass the right path each and every day
Don't you wanna ride baby?
Don't you wanna ride infant?

An automobile this good
Never pass your path everyday
Not wanna ride baby?
Time is sliding by, by, by, by
Slipping by

I was attempting to relate genuinely to your
You act frightened when I'm checkin' you
And all sorts of my girls state you're challenging please
But i do believe that I got exactly what you want

Get your face out of the mirror
Then maybe you could give consideration to
This girl who's knockin' right at your home
An' make room in my situation in your one man program

A vehicle this good
Don't pass your way daily
Not wanna ride baby?
Right want to drive infant?

A car or truck this good
Never pass the right path everyday
Not wanna ride baby?
Time is slipping by, by, by, by

I know you've got the hummer
For summertime child
But I got your quantity infant
I got your number infant

I understand your location
I understand all 'bout your crib
But would you?
(Do you really?)
Would you?
(would you?)
Realize they can't provide the things I give?
No loner

Ooo hoo hoo hoo
(a vehicle this good don't pass your way every day)
Never previously seen an automobile this fine oh
(right wanna ride baby?)
So right wanna trip baby
(a vehicle this good never pass the right path daily)
Time is finished too waste
You better tell me to my face

(Don't you wanna ride baby?)
Did you feel me child?
After that we will win it baby
(a vehicle this fine do not pass your path every day)
Time will observe me
You better kiss me, what you care
(right wanna ride baby?)
Yea you'll win it child
Do you feel me personally infant?

(A car this fine)
Cannot pass your way daily
(On A Daily Basis)
(right want to drive child?)
Don't you wanna drive child?
Baby, child, oh
(a car or truck this fine never pass your path every day)

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