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October 12, 2020
Mingshan Eco-friendly Tea Farm

Mingshan ShihuaMíng•shān shí•huā 名山石花, semi-flat style wok-roasted green tea extract
literal translation for the title: blossoms of the Stone
source: Ya’an, Sichuan

it started as leaves of the bamboo

Since the 1960’s, semi-flattened wok-roasted leaf-shoot green teas produced in Sichuan have been known as Zhuye Qing (Bamboo Leaf Green) 竹葉青, similar name as a favorite Chinese wine. Some say title ended up being suggested by a so therefore admiral because he believed that the tealeaves seem like the shape of bamboo leaves. Semi-flattening youthful tealeaves had been practiced in other regions and provinces anyway as well as look comparable, but since the naming by a famous person, the Sichuan tea shot to popularity.

That was good after the 80’s whenever farmers could sell their very own harvests for profits. Everybody was delighted until one single organization somehow succeeded in monopolizing title with their products in 1999. Other manufacturers who have been counting on this title had been obligated to alter their particular item brands. Some have actually selected the name Shihua. From leaves associated with bamboo to flowers associated with the rock. So much for metaphors.

Even though the beverage of the monopolized name is manufactured in Emei, the commercialized visitor mountain with showy Taoist temples, Shihua is stated in various places in Sichuan, therefore productions have always been. We now have selected a flavorsome one from Mingshan (translates: Famous Mountain, although name cannot truly explain the popularity of the positioning) to examine this time around.

Since many farms making this beverage produce in addition Mengding Ganlu (among my favourite green teas), and are harvested through the exact same group of beverage shrubs, I’ll contrast both in this analysis.


In the place of curling the leaves to show the downy hair as with Ganlu, the hair of leaves in Shihua are flattened and rubbed away when they are pushed from the wok during roasting, as in various other flattened wok roasted green teas. The perfect will be result in the leaves some shiny. The end result is achieved through saying the forming procedure by reducing each roasting session. With this, the leaves tend to be rubbed against one another in addition to wok much more time but without over cooking.

The dried leaves of premium grades are often 12 to 20 mm long, informing how big is the small young propels the pluckers need certainly to nib removed from the branches by hand. Also, they are mainly only shoots, or propels with scale leaves (the tiny defensive scale-like leaves which cover the shoot prior to the shoot flushes).


This much more thorough experience of stress and heat during processing provides beverage a greater feeling of fire than Ganlu, broad-brushing the flavor profile with a general heat (comparative) and more accents of grain than flowery. Perhaps that's the main aspect the reason why that famous admiral gave it a Chinese wine title.

Source: www.teaguardian.com
Best Yum Cha - Marigold - Sydeny
Best Yum Cha - Marigold - Sydeny
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