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April 6, 2021
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first caption: image programs Xavier Cugat, he became known as theOne of my favorite CDs to listen to while my hour-long travel is “Maracas, Marimbas & Mambos: Latin Classics At M-G-M.” With ballads done by Colombian singer Carlos Ramierz and toe tapping, program stoppers by Carmen Miranda, one of my personal favorite 1940s bandleaders multiple times with this record album: Xavier Cugat. From the enjoyable and entertaining “Take it Easy” from “Two Girls and A Sailor” (1944) to the bouncing “Walter Winchell Rumba, ” Cugat’s songs tend to be jaunty and saturated in nature.

Just what you think of once you hear “1940s culture”? Huge musical organization songs done because of the likes of Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey with teens swing dance and Frank Sinatra crooning? Though big musical organization and swing appear to define the favorite perception of World War II age US, one of the greatest fads in the usa when you look at the 1940’s was Latin and Spanish culture.

Through the mid-1930s through the early-1950s, Hispanic themed songs was preferred and Xavier Cugat was the Rumba King.

Cugat, nicknamed Cugie, had been perhaps ended up being the most notable Hispanic bandleader during this time period, popularizing the rumba in the usa. Cugat’s appeal arrived him into 17 Hollywood movies, including “Luxury Liner” and “Holiday in Mexico” with Jane Powell, and “Thrill of Romance, ” “Bathing Beauty” and “On an Island to you” with Esther Williams.

Cugat’s trademark had been directing their artists along with his violin in one hand while holding a chihuahua into the various other. Other times he might sketch a fast design while directing.

Alongside Cugat, various other hispanic performers is showcased, but each had their own musical design and not one overlapped. Carmen Miranda’s figures had been colorful and sometimes comical, characterized by her step-by-step and elaborate costumes.

Pianist José Iturbi is showcased playing classical pieces, often followed by his sibling Amparo.

However the Latin fueled songs performedn’t stop with Cugat, Iturbi and Miranda. In “Easy to Wed” (1946), Esther Williams and Van Johnson sing in Portuguese–coached by Carmen Miranda–“Bonecu de Pixe, ” followed by “Hit Parade” organist Hazel Smith. Williams said they certainly were trained by Carmen Miranda and she believed ridiculous singing in Portuguese since she was butchering the language, relating to the woman autobiography “The Million Dollar Mermaid.”

To a smaller level, in most 1940s films, in the event that stars are in a nightclub, without a doubt they will be doing a rumba at one-point. In “A Date with Judy” (1948) Carmen Miranda teaches Wallace Beery just how to rumba so they can dancing with his spouse, Selena Royal, with regards to their anniversary. Also Charles Laughton had been doing the rumba with Deanna Durbin in “It Started with Eve” (1941).

But this Hispanic influence didn’t take a look at the songs during this period period: It translated into clothing, movie themes and dances.


The Spanish and Latin impact was not just limited to night club enjoyment but also applied down on style.

Preferred 1940s summertime fashions were influenced by Latin tradition with peasant blouses, colorful fiesta skirts and espadrille footwear.

Jane Powell is seen putting on this style in wore an inside “Luxury Liner” (1948). The July 17, 1944, LIFETIME magazine address features a model putting on that which was known as the “Peasant Clothes.” She is using a lose, capped sleeve blouse, a flared striped top and wedged hemp shoes.

Fly Rio, Rio by the sea-o

Films reflected the Spanish impact interest with fashions, songs, location plus film title. Some movies into the 1940s were:

•Down Argentine Method (1940)
•Week-End in Havana (1941)
•Holiday In Mexico (1946)
•Thrill in Brazil (1946)

Other movies like “Gilda” (1946) or “Romance on tall Seas” (1948) are found in south usa and be a part of Carnival.

Why had been this Hispanic impact huge in US pop music culture?

The Nice Neighbor Policy.

To convey it since simply as possible-During Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency beginning in 1933, the policy is made using concept for US to not interfere with domestic affairs in Latin The united states, and also the usa acting like “a good-neighbor.”

Specifically with movie stars like Brazilian Carmen Miranda, her job was to star in patriotic films like “The Gang’s All right here” to bridge the gap between the Americas.

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rhumba kings cafe Barrock 20-7-2012 Maastricht
rhumba kings cafe Barrock 20-7-2012 Maastricht
Rhumba Kings - Sweet dreams @ Groene Engel Oss, 22 maart 2013
Rhumba Kings - Sweet dreams @ Groene Engel Oss, 22 maart 2013
King of Rhumba
King of Rhumba
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