Sundiata Cha-Jua

June 22, 2024
Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua

Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua is an Associate Professor inside Department of background, that he attained a Ph.D. in 1993, and in African US researches. He previously taught in History department and directed the Ebony Studies Program on University of Missouri at Columbia, and taught record at Pennsylvania State University and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Dr. Cha-Jua got Advanced Certificates in Ebony Studies from Northeastern University in 1992 and from the nationwide Council for Ebony Studies, Director’s Institute in 1992.

Dr. Cha-Jua's analysis schedule consists of explorations of Black racial formation and transformation principle, Urban histories/community scientific studies, Radical Ebony Intellectual Traditions, and culturally relevant pedagogical techniques. He could be specifically thinking about investigating African United states neighborhood formation, lynching, historic materialism, African American historiography, social motion concept, and Black personal motions.

He could be the writer associated with award-winning America's very first Ebony Town, Brooklyn, Illinois, 1830-1915 (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2000), the monograph, Sankofa: Racial Formation and Transformation, Toward a concept of African United states record (Washington State University, 2000), and co-edited battle Struggles (University of Illinois Press, 2009) with Theodore Koditschek and Helen Neville. He has got posted a large number of articles in leading journals, like the Ebony Scholar, Journal of African American background, Journal of United states background, Journal of Urban background, New Politics and Souls. He coauthored, “The 'extended Movement' as Vampire: Temporal and Spatial Fallacies in latest Black Freedom Studies” inside Journal of African United states History which co-won this year's OAH EBSCOhost America: History and lifestyle Award for top record article in united states of america background, 2007-2009.

He recently finished “Rising Waters”: Explorations in Radical Black background for Lexington Press and it is focusing on two guide tasks, a vital Introduction to Black Studies: changes & Ebony Intellectual Traditions, with Lou Turner and Beyond the Rape Myth: Ebony Resistance to Lynching, 1867-1930.

Cha-Jua is the going back President regarding the nationwide Council for Black Studies, 2012-14, Senior Editor for the Ebony Scholar, serves regarding editorial boards of the Journal of African United states Studies together with Journal of Black Studies, and is a Life person in the nationwide Council for Black Studies therefore the Association for the learn of African American Life and background. He could be playing the corporation of American Historians' OAH Distinguished Lectureship system for 2010-2013.

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