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October 20, 2020
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Global Dance Shoes may be the expert's selection of Ballroom and Latin-American party footwear. We are renowned global manufacturers and companies of females, childrens and mens party shoes. Our on line range includes Ballroom and Latin-American dance shoes produced solely in Milton Keynes, England. Specialising in Latin and Ballroom footwear and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, our shoes are the very first option for many of today’s leading amateur and expert performers.

Our party shoes are very carefully hand-crafted at our home in Milton Keynes, The united kingdomt in the UK, which is in which we were established back 1980. Subsequently, we've been considered the one of the finest in neuro-scientific dance footwear manufacture, and continuously building new services with brand new technologies and design innovations to help you optimize your overall performance, whilst experiencing exemplary comfort, and all in eye-catching style. All of our party footwear are available for sale online direct through our web site. Our aim is to provide dancers at all amounts and also at all centuries, through both competitive and personal dance. We don’t just provide women and mens dance shoes for Ballroom and Latin dance both, as our items are trusted for several other designs of dance including Salsa, Line Dancing, Ceroc, Jazz, Flamenco, Swing and Jive.

We are enthusiastic concerning the quality of our products and are focused on delivering footwear that make sure a perfect freedom of motion being increase individual's overall performance. We are specialized in protecting our trustworthiness of being one of the last continuing to be party footwear makers which nevertheless maker our items in The united kingdomt. Our qualities being recognised in many instances, such our involvement as suppliers for BBC’s popular ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ show, in which we've been greatly included since time one, whilst we also been chosen for other television programmes both for ITV and Sky, also many theatre productions. We in addition sponsor a few of the World's leading competitive performers, sponsoring dancers including Arunas Bizokas, Edita Daniute, Neil & Katya Jones, and many more! International Dance Shoes are readily available throughout the globe, with resellers running across the world in america, Germany, France, Italy, Australian Continent, Japan and in many other nations too.

Bachata - BASIC STEP - American Dancesport Center
Bachata - BASIC STEP - American Dancesport Center
How to Choose a Latin Shoe
How to Choose a Latin Shoe
Green Screen HULK Latin American Dances Lambada - Footage
Green Screen HULK Latin American Dances Lambada - Footage ...
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