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January 5, 2020
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Recognized for its sexy body movement and sexy style, Latin dance is gaining popularity on dance floors everywhere. Films about Latin dancing, people that portray the beauty of the skill of Latin dancing, be seemingly preferences among performers and non-dancers alike. Besides being a staple in the ballroom, many Latin dances are being taken fully to country-western party flooring. Discovering Latin dances is rather easy, since many regarding the dances are made of the same fundamental foot measures.

At Tropical Soul, we specialize in:


Salsa is one of the most well-known Latin dance types with origins from Cuba, as conference point of Spanish (European) and African countries.

It's danced throughout the world and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Salsa is usually someone party, and is generally improvised on the party flooring, or it's also done with a collection choreography for activity functions.

Today’s Salsa dancing is an abundant mixture of Latin-American and Western influences, as there are numerous types of Salsa dancing around (Cuban, Colombian, Linear On1, Linear On2 or Mambo). Be warned: it's extremely addicting!

DRESS CODE: There isn't any specific dress signal because of this class, and individuals typically wear casual clothing. The footwear, females can wear flats or heels, as long as they've been comfortable to dance set for 60 minutes, and also ensuring they've an ankle strap or are very well fitted to your own feet so they don’t fall away as you dance or turn. Shoes are not recommended.


Bachata is somebody dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, but is now danced all over the world.

The music is enchanting and sexy (standard Bachata is called as a bittersweet music), and contains created together with the dance, from traditional Dominican Bachata to urban and modern Bachata.

Tropical Soul’s trainers tend to be none other than the pioneers of Bachata Moderna, a modern and interesting style of Bachata that may allow you to be a favourite on party flooring!


Brazilian Samba is a lively, rhythmical party of Brazilian source danced to Samba music.

It really is a solamente party with high power songs and movements, and allows the girl to display her stunning and sexy human body motion.

Samba is a fantastic cardiovascular party which engages bum, core, leg muscles and even more. Samba also helps enhance level of fitness, reenergizes yourself and brain, makes your core stronger and improves your stamina.

If you’d want to learn how to go like a Brazilian goddess whilst getting fit and achieving fun, this course is actually for you!

Blue Suede Shoes Dance School Birthday
Blue Suede Shoes Dance School Birthday
Morena Dancewear, Sydney
Morena Dancewear, Sydney
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