Latin Dance Competition Dresses

February 8, 2024

I've current and prospective Ballroom and Latin dance pupils ask myself on a regular basis about where to purchase things, where you can head to dance, and a wide variety of various other dance questions. Im always willing to share the brands for the dance studios, outfit manufacturers, dance footwear merchants - essentially things dance.

Here are a few of my personal favorite party providers on the internet and within the north park area.


We instruct classes at both Infinity Dancesport Studio in Kearny Mesa and also at Champion Ballroom in Hillcrest. In addition have always been a frequent at their particular party parties. check my party classes and activities page to see which months i am at each and every.

If you are in North County, i like the services and special workshops held at Dance movement Studios in Encinitas.


Some of my students choose come to be ballroom dance rivals. Because they advance, it indicates costumes. There are a lot of online retailers of competitors gowns. My pupils have had favorable experiences with your:

With Acapulco Paradiso you are taking more information on measurements, and custom create your Ballroom or Latin party gown to match you, more or less. Tailoring is still required.

As they have limited styles (and are more revealing than numerous pupils wish), For-T fashions in Romania has actually extremely inexpensive dresses. Their sizing isn't as precise, so tailoring certainly will be expected. Certainly one of my pupils bought the girl all time favorite ballroom party competitors dress from their store.

If you're of "rock it your self" mind-set to give your competitors costume an individual flare (also to save yourself a lot of money), Dreamtime Creation is an affordable on the web socket for purchasing Swarovski stones and all sorts of the equipment you need to properly attach them.


Whether you are a novice performer starting to be dedicated to your craft, or an experienced competitor, or somewhere in between, you will need party shoes. There are very few places in north park where you are able to try on a multitude of different footwear for either traditional or Latin dance.

Certainly one of my favorite place to send students is Carmen's Dance Shoes. The staff is extremely helpful, their particular selection is big, and their particular costs are reasonable.

If you already know just your dimensions for a specific business's footwear, and Carmen's does not carry it, my pupils have had good luck with save well on Dancewear . Additionally they sell dance competitors costumes and accessories.

Ryan / Becky in 11/3 latin dance competition (Samba)
Ryan / Becky in 11/3 latin dance competition (Samba)
Saturday Night Fever disco and latin dance competition
Saturday Night Fever disco and latin dance competition
Latin Dance Dresses
Latin Dance Dresses
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