List of Latin dances

October 26, 2022
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Latin dances hail from a number of different nations in South and Central The united states, & most have actually influences that vary far beyond this region. Some dances are easier to learn than others, but all Latin dances have a flair that both spectators and dancers alike love.

Popular Latin Dance Styles

The following Latin dances are those that are most frequently learned and performed. Whether viewing a-dance program on television or going to a social party workshop, you are bound to operate into some of these Latin styles.


The Bachata is a-dance through the Dominican Republic, named after Bachata electric guitar songs. Performers move laterally in a four-beat design: three actions aside followed closely by a pause, which types the essence of the Bachata as performers include pronounced hip motions. In general, the party is a lot more about going the human body with style than concerning the simple forward and backward measures.

As this party is all about polished design besides easy steps, intermediate to higher level dancers need the most success causeing the dance look good.


The cha-cha-cha, also referred to as the Cha-cha, is a Cuban-born dance, much like the Mambo however you like. But following the basic activity of stepping ahead or backwards and shifting fat between feet, the cha-cha-cha adds a quick set of three actions. This gives the dance its title because so many dancers count out these actions as "cha cha cha."


The Mambo additionally started in Cuba. Its signature move is a three-beat action continue after which backwards while shifting body weight in one base to another. One member of a dancing set performs the backward motion even though the various other techniques ahead.

Exactly what truly provides Mambo its style though could be the hip-swaying activity your body weight change produces. Although the Mambo is two's dance, the fundamental step has actually starred in everything from range dancing to aerobics video clips, in which specific performers perform the three-beat action often alone or as an element of friends.


Merengue is a Dominican party; its even recognized as the official party associated with the nation. It is generally speaking considered easy to find out, rendering it an ideal choice for those of you looking to ease their particular way directly into Latin dancing.

These fundamental action goes to leading, right back, and part when a couple dances the Merengue together: move onto the interior side of the base, roll the base to transfer weight, after that pull one other base to meet up initial base. Learn the basic strategy from an instructor or observe other dancers carrying it out, such as inside instructional Merengue video clip, in which the fundamental action is demonstrated to the side.


The Rumba has its own origins when you look at the Cuban boy. The Rumba contains two fast measures and a third reduced step which takes two music to perform. Dancers make use of a box-like structure to steer their moves.

Though performers originally danced the Rumba with quick steps, ballroom Rumba dancing (Latin dancing frequently present in competitions) has actually emphasized slow, romantic measures with a focus on hip motions.


The Salsa originated in the Caribbean, though it also offers a powerful African influence. Partners usually perform this dance collectively and it centers on a four-beat mixture of two fast tips and a slow action with a pause or faucet.

Lovers you can add turns also flourishes to your fundamental footwork to be able to develop an enjoyable moving experience, including an impressive performance.


Samba is Brazilian in source and danced to music of the identical name. Numerous types of Samba dancing developed in Brazil, several of which are for a dancing couple, among others which tend to be dances for people.

Various music types tend to be combined with different Samba dances. The speed of dance differs based on the songs. Samba is one of the most dominant Latin dances specifically for its part in Carnival occasions, in which individual performers perform.

DanceSport Latin Dances

  • Samba
  • Rumba
  • Cha-cha
  • Paso Doble
  • Jive

Despite becoming included under the umbrella term of Latin party, the Paso Doble actually originated from Spain versus Latin America, while the Jive arises from the U.S. For DanceSport reasons, the dances being considered Latin commonly vary from the geographical classification of Latin dances.

Exactly what these dances have in common is they tend to be basically distinct from the Waltz, the benchmark of Western personal dance in the competition world.

Exploring Latin Dancing

Even though many dancers just do Salsa or Samba, or limit themselves to 1 or two Latin dance designs, there isn't any explanation to restrict yourself to just a couple genres of Latin dance. As soon as you strat to get associated with one type of Latin dancing, you may possibly simply end up itching to discover a few of the various other irresistible rhythms that Latin party world has to offer.

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