Mens Latin Dance Pants

October 31, 2022
DSI Dancewear

This is certainly a secured webpage to process your order. Once you enter "Show purchase" section, every web page will likely to be encrypted. We are able to send your merchandise in identical business day in the event that you choose EXPRESS delivery. We will not share your data with another celebration.

You can expect special discounts to dancers from Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Fred Astaire and USA Dance. Please make use of rebate coupon code "arthurmurray", "fredastaire" and "usadance" to see if you are from all of these organizations. If you're a college pupil, please make use of "udancer" as voucher and your college current email address. For a specialist dancer who wish to purchase TAKA or CELEBRITY dance shoes, please utilize "prodancer" as coupon and your studio address as delivery address, you are getting a unique marketing rebate.

I will be vending with our party use at Ohio Star Ball and SF Open Dancesport Championship . You are invited to check out our booth.

Prize-draw: we'll have a prize-draw each month. One happy subscriber of your mail-list will win a totally free dance shoes or skirt or jeans. Clients can e-mail united states at

BUY FIVE GET ONE FREE: this might be a particular provide to your loyal clients. If you bought 6 pairs of STAR party shoes inside the past 10 months yourself or friends and family, one of those should be totally free. Kindly examine TIPS area for details.


We are dedicated to provide our customers with 100percent satisfaction! We think the ultimate way to develop perform business and a long lasting relationship with your clients is through treating all of them appropriate, providing them with great, reasonable prices, and quality solution. If we ever are not able to fulfill your expectations please e mail us and we will make every effort feasible to generally meet your greatest objectives in order to make you a happy buyer.

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Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (80s styled video)
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (80s styled video)
MDP Mens Ballroom Latin Competition Practise Dance
MDP111 Mens Ballroom Latin Competition Practise Dance ...
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