Rumba steps

April 30, 2016
Postcard of Rumba Dance Steps

The essential repeatable structure of Rumba could be the Box, a sequence of 6 tips which form the form of a package on the floor.

The Rumba package is considered in two halves, each 1 / 2 consisting of a stroll, followed by a chasse. The very first half of the container begins with a forward walk on the man's left foot, counted "slow", accompanied by a chasse to the side (RF, LF), counted "quick, quick". The 2nd half of the container begins with a back walk on the guy's right base, counted "slow", follwed by a chasse aside (LF, RF), counted "quick, quick". The structure is duplicated as desired.

The woman's part is nearly exactly the same as the man's, except that her part begins with the 2nd 1 / 2 of the container. So when he steps forward with his left-foot to begin 1st 50 % of the container, she tips straight back together correct base to begin with the 2nd half, and vice-versa.

The Rumba Box is taken without turn, or it can be turned up to 1/4 to left for each half-Box. If taken utilizing the optimum number of change, one full turn would-be finished after two Boxes.

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Rumba Steps Sequence 2009-10
Rumba Steps Sequence 2009-10
How to Do a Rumba Box Step | Ballroom Dance
How to Do a Rumba Box Step | Ballroom Dance
Rumba Steps
Rumba Steps
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