Argentine Tango dance Lessons

October 11, 2022
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Award-winning Argentine Tango performers Diego Blanco and Ana Padron tend to be one of many top doing partners these days. Diego and Ana command many dance disciplines that they tap motivation because of their improvisation and choreography. They founded their particular party company, Tango for several, to bring this electrifying party to viewers in the usa and throughout the world. Diego and Ana have toured through the United States, the Caribbean, south usa, European countries and Asia. Obtained done in numerous off-Broadway shows and also have danced and done choreography for an independent film. In Kuala Lumpur they were recognized with an award because of their “dedication to Argentine Tango as a kind of appearance through dance as well as growing knowledge of the party through training.” They have been today located in nyc, where they show skilled dancers and newcomers alike.

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Argentine Tango Dance Lessons at DF Dance Studio
Argentine Tango Dance Lessons at DF Dance Studio
Argentine Tango Dance Lesson Basic Dance Patterns with
Argentine Tango Dance Lesson Basic Dance Patterns with ...
Argentine Tango dance lessons near mystic CT
Argentine Tango dance lessons near mystic CT
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