Flavia Argentine Tango

September 21, 2022
Vincent Simone and Flavia

These are initial DVDs circulated by Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace and exactly what successful!

Vincent and Flavia supply you with the genuine Argentine Tango knowledge and method, not just routines to memorise. We are impressed due to their teaching skills. Recommended.

Argentine Tango Vol. I

Amount One, needs you through a number of fundamental moves, step-by-step, with obvious explanations on the way. It covers The Walk, the Salida, Forward Ochoes, Backward Ocheos with Sandwich, Giro to the left, Giro to the right and Gancho. There is also an approach part that you simply should find very useful.


The Go Salida Forward Ochoes Backward Ocheos with Sandwich Giro left Giro to the right Gancho


The hold Footwork Musicality Leading and after Gancio technique Giro strategy

Cost £19.95 Ref: VF1 Argentine Tango Vol. II

The second DVD, Volume Two, will need you through a number of challenging numbers, giving you obvious explanations as you go along - along with a separate part on method, there are all you need to carry on the development of your Argentine Tango. It addresses hiking Outside Partner, Cross Basic Walk, The Calesita, The Bicicletta, Line and Sacada, and brush.


Walking outside companion Cross Basic Go The Calesita The Bicicletta Line and Sacada The Brush Approach Area Comprehensive Demo

Cost £19.95 Ref: VF2 Argentine Tango Vol. III - Vals and Milonga

Vals variants:

Media Luna Caminada Lady's balanceo with Saccada Prada Planeo

Milonga variants:

Container closing with chasse Traspier Ahead Ochos The Cradel

Cost £19.95 Ref: VF3 Get all three volumes collectively and save your self £10.00

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace Argentine Tango Vol. We, II and III DVD

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15Dec06 Vincent and Flavia explain the Argentine Tango PART1
15Dec06 Vincent and Flavia explain the Argentine Tango PART1
15Dec06 Vincent and Flavia explain the Argentine Tango PART2
15Dec06 Vincent and Flavia explain the Argentine Tango PART2
Vincent & Flavia Argentine tango from SCD tour
Vincent & Flavia Argentine tango from SCD tour
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