Argentine Tango steps diagram

October 21, 2022
Tango steps diagram

The 'official' Argentine tango fundamental action is the short standard action supplemented by a cross action (cruzada).
The Basico con Cruzada consist of 8 tips with an extent of 8 matters.
During step two, 3 and 4 your body is dissociated from sides. This can be a result of the leader leading together with his body together with continious link between your party partners. Attracting a line involving the weight-bearing feet of follower and leader suggests the direction of both body's facing each other.

YouTube includes plenty of movie clips demonstrating the Argentine tango. An excellent instance is the next clip of the "Academia de Baile" outlining the essential action (authentic version with a back action, cruzada included).

Into the 2nd film video the cross system is included with the basic action. a body weight change step of this leader is exactly what it will take to get a-dance couple to the cross system. And a half beat pause of the leader during the supporters cross makes the couple come back to the standard system. Once you master this strategy, it will be just a little step to discover the back ocho.

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Beginners guide to Argentine tango
Beginners guide to Argentine tango
Tango dance steps - Tango basic steps for beginners
Tango dance steps - Tango basic steps for beginners
The Ocho Step in Argentine Tango
The Ocho Step in Argentine Tango
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