Argentine Tango San Diego

April 12, 2022

While you can dancing almost every night within the north park Area, you will find several Milongas that individuals frequent significantly more than other individuals in part considering length plus part due to the party flooring, plus component due to the various other performers whom frequent the Milongas.

For a complete a number of Argentine Tango milongas inside San Diego location go to:

Milongas and you'll discover united states and why we go truth be told there:

North County Dance Arts
12750 Carmel Nation Road, Suite 103
North Park, CA 92130

This really is our milonga. This has comfortable personal atmosphere not to mention functions, friendly hosts, Krista Ann and Florentino. You can expect tasty refreshments, old-fashioned tangos, milongas and valses, and a generous part of Tango Nuevo.

Tuesday 9-11 pm UCSD Tango Practica

UCSD, area and time differs so check their site first! Totally Free!

We love this practica simply because we show at UCSD (see our course schedule) but mostly because it draws countless youthful Tangueros. The floor is definitely exemplary and also you obtain the possibility to share everything you understand with others.

4th Sundays, Once a Month only! 8:30-11:30pm Milonga - Tango Addicts' Milonga

Brand new time and date! 4569 30th Street in hillcrest $5

The united states's milonga has been steadily getting vapor and it is today one of the more attended milongas in San Diego. They simply relocated the date and time so lets hope it remains a favorite place to dancing. (It's!) America's music combine can also be expanding sufficient reason for a pleasant area and flooring it is really not surprising that Milongueros are receiving their particular Tango fix as of this Milonga. A pleasant choice of snacks and Sangria maintain you going till ab muscles end.

FRIDAY 9:30 pm-1:00 am Milonga - Milonga Sin Nombre

Pattie Welle's Dancetime Studio, $8

By far, the greatest couple of people and usually, a more youthful group than just about any other milonga besides the UCSD Practica. Beside, the truly amazing songs, the supply the an excellent spread of snacks, drinks, and goodies.Guest DJs, that do a fantastic job and play some non-traditional tangos too to mix things up. This Milonga is hosted today single-handedly hosted by The united states. The songs differs based on that is dj'ing. A crowd that is younger than at most various other neighborhood Milongas. Many of our UCSD students go there, therefore we don't miss this milonga.

San Diego Tango Festival 2013 - Yuliana & Mike - demo
San Diego Tango Festival 2013 - Yuliana & Mike - demo ...
2011 San Diego NYE Tango Festival - Teacher Performance
2011 San Diego NYE Tango Festival - Teacher Performance
Argentine Tango
Argentine Tango
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