Cha Ching sound effect

October 7, 2021
The Cha-Ching sound effect

bcolemanBy Baron Coleman

The 2018 legislative election advertisements tend to be virtually writing by themselves.


Scene 1

Image: Dark history, grainy photos of (Insert title of tax-raising Republican incumbent here)

Music: Horror movie sound recording

Voiceover: Raised fees on the organizations! (cha ching sound effect, cash sign on display) Raised taxes on your cars! (cha ching sound effect, money sign up screen) Raised taxes on cigarettes! (cha ching sound impact, money sign on display screen) also lifted fees on the young ones’ arcade games! (scratch of record player stopping songs, picture of a kid sobbing) And all that has been after he FIRST voted to elect a Speaker of your home who was currently indicted on 23 felony ethics counts.

Scene 2

Movie: Well-funded Republican challenger walking toward camera together with his household

Songs: Soft, uplifting

Applicant Voiceover: I’m (insert title of well-funded challenger here), and I won’t raise up your fees for you, your businesses, your vehicles, or your children’ arcade games like my adversary performed. And I also sure won’t vote for a felon to lead the home.

Voiceover: The choice is clear. Tax-raising, felon-loving (insert name of incumbent right here) or reasonable fees and truthful management.

Fade to promotion logo and disclaimer


You laugh, nonetheless it’s coming. Alabama House Republicans this week endorsed an agenda to increase taxes on a number of items. On Wednesday, your house general fund spending plan committee passed several of those items through by (uncourageous) voice vote. The main Speaker Hubbard’s questionable bargain presumably includes a strategy to allow Governor Bentley, who was roundly criticized in conservative GOP circles for their own want to boost fees, bargain a unique deal with the Poarch Creek Indians for casino-style betting in at the least three areas.

It’s confusing just what Republicans in the lower chamber are planning by going and Speaker Hubbard’s program. Many legal professionals believe Hubbard are viewing the 2018 elections from the absolute comfort of a 10×6 cellular in one of our state’s overcrowded and underfunded resorts for the criminally-inclined. He has got nothing to readily lose.

Meanwhile, the representatives who would like to run for re-election in 2018 will likely be aware of their loved ones viewing their opponents’ commercials about most of the taxes the Republicans lifted.

Renovator video with cha ching and fireworks sound effect
Renovator video with cha ching and fireworks sound effect
Cha Ching money Sound Effect #109 (Free Download)
Cha Ching money Sound Effect #109 (Free Download)
Lockerz Cha-Ching!
Lockerz Cha-Ching!
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