Argentine Tango figures

May 25, 2022
Tango @ And123

Figure Title, Roundalab State Degree, & Timing

q=quick, 1 beat
s=slow, 2 music
&=1/2 beat; a=1/4 beat

Procedures and Actions That Comprise the Figure

Each information is targeted on the person, with all the female's footwork in parenthesis. If a female's step just isn't offered, it's the normal reverse or follow of this people's. Help: fundamental dance roles and actions, actions, directions, and abbreviations. Non-standard punctuation: a comma separates two music of music, a semi-colon marks the end of a measure, and a slash (/) shows a split beat, a couple of things happening in one single beat.

Here are a few sequences to assist you visualize the figure in framework.


ss; ss; ss;

In closed position facing type of dance, point L aside (woman point R), -, draw L to R, -; step part L, -, fwd R mixing to banjo (girl straight back L), -; fwd L, -, near R to L in banjo, -;

Observe that you will find 4 weight alterations in 12 music of music.

American Fundamental In shut position dealing with type of party, close L to R and flick the best knee back parallel to surface swiveling LF to semi-closed place facing center (girl close R to L movie left leg and swivel RF to semi), -, fwd R and swivel to closed LOD, -; part L, -, fwd roentgen to banjo range and wall, -; fwd L, -, close R to L in banjo, -;
Backing Fundamental In close position facing type of dance, step back L (girl fwd R), -, right back R, -; part L, -, fwd R to banjo line and wall, -; fwd L, -, near R to L in banjo, -;
Right Leg Fundamental

phase IV

ss; qqs;

In closed position, step-back roentgen (girl fwd L), -, side L switching LF to banjo, -; fwd R outside partner (lady bk L), fwd & sd L, close roentgen to L (lady mix LIF of R), -;

Its a tad bit more left-side lead on step that...

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