King of Kings Yum Cha

February 25, 2022
Brisbane Pho #4, Hien Vuong

King of KingsWhen it comes to Yum Cha it must be said that King of Kings is in fact the king of Yum Cha in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. 2005 saw King of Kings available its doors on hungry masses who possess proceeded their particular commitment since.

Enter the much mentioned Yum Cha restaurant, head within the stairs into master banquet location and here you will notice numerous tables filling the palatial dining hallway. Symbolic of standard and unique Chinese cuisine the restaurant features a very good emphasis on neighborhood fresh seafood, that will be within most cart alternatives.

King of Kings entry (picture instagram @neelsmcgee)

The Yum Cha selection contains most of the dumplings (fried and steamed) it is possible to think of. Someone to undoubtedly try may be the prawn dumplings, they are succulent with reasonably limited filling. You can find the strange balls such chicken foot in black colored bean sauce, snaps to anyone that can hoover these down while they never specifically look appealing.

Dumplings @ King of Kings (Photo instagram @neelsmcgee)

Dumplings @ King of Kings (picture instagram @neelsmcgee)

A regular regarding the selection is the Peking duck, which is crispy and delicious as it ought to be. Its undoubtedly up truth be told there, however my favourite duck would still have to be at Superbowl Chinese Restaurant within the valley which serve the very best BBQ duck without doubt that We have ever had.

Reasonably priced and continuous serviced carts at every spot make it quite difficult to miss a Yum Cha alternative, nonetheless does alllow for tough discussion because of the dining table while becoming stopped every 5 minutes by someone showcasing the carts choices. I guess that is anticipated of Chinese cuisine, countless meals and a lot of noise.

Service @ King of Kings (Photo instagram @neelsmcgee)

The solution is fantastic and you will be amazed during the last bill sometimes. Between a pal and myself we had almost 6 dishes which stumbled on $25 each. Not bad for a hearty meal.

Why? Best Yum Cha In Brisbane

Whenever: Lunch & Supper

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