Yum Cha Bondi Junction

November 12, 2023
7 years ago

Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney -I can’t explain just how much i enjoy yum cha. The thought of spending hours with my loved ones, sipping beverage and sharing plenty of little dishes of dumplings and deep-fried treats… There’s no better way to invest any early morning!

But as a primary generation Australian-born Chinese, this knowledge constantly includes much awkwardness. As an example, the ladies pressing the yum cha carts around would just take one consider me and begin barking all of the brands associated with the meals at an instant rate in Cantonese! While I have a conversational knowledge of Cantonese, I can hardly speak it, thus I usually have to resort to asking all of them showing myself what’s under each lid. In English of course.

Therefore over the years, I’ve frequented even more yum cha restaurants with English speaking staff, compared to those without. What I’m discussing, tend to be a breed of Westernised yum cha restaurants, that provide genuine Asian meals, without the translation chaos.

Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney - prawn and mangoMore recently, I became asked to see Kam Fook at Bondi Junction… and also to be truthful, i believe we've a new favourite here guys!

There’s another Kam Fook in Chatswood nevertheless one at Bondi Junction provide special dishes which aren’t offered else where. As you are about to see, they’re a refreshing change from my typical haul of har gow, chicken feet and prawn toast.

Very first up tend to be these deep-fried mango and prawn parcels. There’s these types of a rich style of entire prawns, you’ll feel as you’ve gotten your cash worth with your. The sharpness of coriander slices through sweetness associated with the mango as well as the stunning crustacean flavours of minced prawns very well. The batter is light and crisp too!

Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney -deep deep-fried bread stick with rice noodle rollsYum cha wouldn’t be total without my many favourite yum cha meal – fried breads sticks in rice noodle rolls. These deliver ultimate surface comparison between silky-soft rice noodle sheets and crunchy yet fluffy deep fried loaves of bread sticks. The nice and salty dipping soy sauce binds it-all together therefore indulgently.

We likewise have these Peking style deep-fried shallot desserts. The pastry is simply magnificent!

I was craving lau sa bao (which means quicksand bun and functions runny salted egg yolk!) but I’m recommended they don’t succeed right here. However, the custard buns turn out to be a satisfying replacement.

And because someone prawn roll isn’t enough, we also provide a purchase of the asparagus and prawn roll. This is minced prawns with brand new season asparagus, rolled up in a bean curd sheet, after that deep-fried, and served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce. This reminds me personally of my parents’ Teochew beancurd prawn moves except they’re much bouncier and lighter.

The steamed corn and fish dumplings are tasty and! The dumpling epidermis may be the perfect depth – translucent and merely thin adequate to firmly contain the filling. The stuffing combination actually allows the normal sweetness of corn get to be the emphasize of each and every mouthful.

Finally, while there are lots of various other tempting sweets, we discover myself lusting for a beneficial old egg tart. The flaky pastry layer is absolutely divine and the egg custard is irresistibly luscious!

I’ll certainly be back to observe how their more traditional yum cha meals rate!

Kam Fook
Shop 6010, Degree 6, Westfield Shopping Centre, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW

Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney -spring onion pancakes Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney -custard buns Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney -prawn and asparagus Kam Fook Bondi Junction - yum cha in Sydney -prawn and corn dumplings
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