Latin Dance movies

October 10, 2022

Salsa films are great! Having become a dancer, I look for I adore viewing films that feature salsa because opens up a whole new viewpoint that i will today connect with.

On this web page I've collected together those films i know of that are based around salsa dancers or its songs.

Created Romantic (2000)

Produced Romantic is not what you would imagine from the title. It is an excellent bit of Brit comedy with exemplary functioning and blended in with a good latin sound recording. An incredible movie!


The movie is a comedy based around a salsa club in East London. It uses some quirky and interesting figures that become there to escape the problems in their resides.

Cuban Fury (2014)

A comedy set among the British salsa scene. This can be recommended view film for anyone that loves the salsa scene.

Dance With Me (1998)

A good enchanting tale with similarities to Dirty Dancing (with a sex reversal). It really is packed saturated in great dance scenes, and some good acting too (albeit some cheesy in certain cases).

After dropping his mommy, a guy journeys from Cuba to The united states to connect using father he never ever knew. As it happens his daddy works a-dance college, and he falls in deep love with the key instructor. It shortly becomes obvious that he himself is a good dancer, and could become college's best hope of winning the future globe dance tournament in Las vegas, nevada.

Dirty Dance (1987)

Dirty Dancing must end up being the many iconic salsa motion picture of them all. It is the motion picture that has inspired a generation to dancing. The scene after the film in which they dance toward song "time of my life" has because been attempted at countless very first dances at weddings (yes, my own included).

Occur 1963, a new naive woman from a privileged back ground visits a holiday resort together household. She becomes infatuated with all the resort's dance trainer, and as she learns a-dance a salsa program with him, they fall in love. However when the woman father discovers, he bans this lady from associating with "those individuals" any further.

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (2004)

Difficult to surpass it really is predecessor, Havana Nights does a decent work. Preserving the class inequality tale, this movie features a nice movement as well as has an appearance from Patrick Swayze.

Set in 1958, a young American woman moves off to Cuba together family members. While remaining in a hotel, she meets a new waiter who she later on locates becoming a good performer. The kid is fired because of being seen together, so she attracts him to take part in a Latin ballroom competition. While they rehearse in key they undoubtedly fall in love.

El Cantante (2006)

If you are into salsa music, this might be an absolute must have addition to your film collection. Not merely does it tell the storyline regarding the salsa legend, Héctor Lavoe, and how he had been instrumental into the growth of salsa music as we know it these days, but him and his partner tend to be played by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Well known brands on latin music scene in their own right.

Encouraged because of the true tale of 1 for the iconic names in salsa, Héctor Lavoe. From Puerto Rico, Héctor arrived in nyc during the early 60's, and his success regarding salsa songs scene expanded quickly. However, as their fame expanded, therefore performed his degeneration as people, fuelled by medicines, alcoholic beverages and despair. The story is told through the viewpoint of their spouse.

Salsa The Motion Picture (1988)

Although this movie won't win any honors because of its script, it can have a lot of great dance views. The movie additionally features shows by many famous names through the salsa scene, including Celia Cruz, Tito Puente and Willie Colón. If you're into salsa dancing, might like Salsa The film.

This salsa movie follows a Puertorican vehicle mechanic, who spends their evenings moving and online dating. He establishes their sights on winning the name of salsa master from a future contest. To greatly help him accomplish that he persuades his best friend up to now his cousin in order to get a totally free hand along with her flirtatious classmate and reigning salsa queen. This threatens his relationship together with on-off girlfriend, and additional difficulty brews when their friend and sibling really fall-in love.

What's Your Favourite Salsa Movie?

Are you experiencing a film featuring salsa that for your needs goes up that beats all others? Or there's outstanding party sequence in a movie that isn't right here? Please give united states.

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Exerbeat Latin Dance Gameplay Movie
Exerbeat Latin Dance Gameplay Movie
epic movie willy dance (latino)
epic movie willy dance (latino)
latin dance Movie】斯拉维克的舞蹈生涯
latin dance Movie】斯拉维克的舞蹈生涯
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