Bachata Dance competition

September 7, 2022

These tournaments will likely be a “one-shot” bargain, meaning that in the Professional, recreational and Pro-Am Showcase Divisions, each few will present a maximum 2-minute choreographed program utilizing their selection of music. The panel of judges will assess each couple. Top 3 in each division will get prizes.


  • The 1st spot winners in the expert Salsa Showcase Division and first place winners when you look at the expert Bachata Showcase Division will represent the Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress in the Global Salsa Championships in Miami February 2016.
  • Top scoring Canadian few in expert Salsa Showcase Division will win the subject of Canadian Salsa Champions.
  • Top scoring Canadian few within the Professional Bachata Showcase Division will win the name of Canadian Bachata Champions.
  • Top rating Canadian few in the recreational Salsa Showcase Division will win the name of Canadian Amateur Salsa Champions.
  • Top rating Canadian few in the recreational Bachata Showcase Division will win the subject of Canadian Amateur Bachata Champions.

A Canadian couple is defined as two dancers that both inhabit Canada and now have lived in Canada for no less than five years. Please note these divisions tend to be available to all competitors - local, national and international. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will likely be awarded. The most effective scoring Canadian few will win the subject of Canadian Salsa or Bachata Champions no matter where they placed among the international group of competitors.


Length of system:
Pro Divisions & Amateur Divisions - should be 2:30 mins or less, including entry and exit.
Pro-Am Divisions: must certanly be 2:00 minutes or less, including entrance and exit.

Team Showcase Divisions: should be between 2 moments and 4 minutes.

Warmup: the couples in one display unit will dancing collectively to a warm-up tune plumped for by the DJ (never to exceed 1:00 min). If there are many than 6 partners in a showcase division, after that first 6 partners will warmup and then 2nd batch of 6 couples will warm-up. The heat up round just isn't judged. You will see no warm-up round the Team divisions.

Songs: at the most 3 songs are combined into your program. Bring 2 CDs along with their pre-recorded music (ie. just in case one CD doesn't work). One track on each CD only. Tune must certanly be edited to get rid of at no more than 2 moments (it is not the DJ’s duty to fade out or cut music at 2 minute level). The DJ won't decelerate or accelerate your CD. Kindly protect your CDs by utilizing covers per one. Each CD must certanly be identified with your name, competitor number as well as the division that you are competing in.

Order: Order of competitors in each showcase division will be determined the night of the competition by lotto. If you are not present, the stage manager will choose for you. However, if you are not backstage and checked in at least 1 hour before the competition, you will be disqualified; the entry fee will not be refunded.

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Quarter Finals - Bachata Dance Competition
Quarter Finals - Bachata Dance Competition
2010.11.20.Japan Bachata Cup 2010_20.Dance Competition Final
2010.11.20.Japan Bachata Cup 2010_20.Dance Competition Final
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