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May 4, 2020
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We acknowledge we like to dancing. Therefore we couldn't assist but consist of paths like “Bailando” and “6 A.M.” among our directory of the greatest Latin songs of the season. But some rock, rap and, of course, love in addition made the slice. Read on for which singles had the absolute most impact in 2014. (and discover our list of the 10 most useful Latin albums here.)

The opener from Corazón exemplifies this set: Raw fusion that is designed to be unabashedly fun.

9. "Tu Respiración" - Chayanne
At the same time whenever slower, enchanting fare is having a tough time getting play on Latin stations, Chayanne was able to chart with this particular solitary.

“Did you forget I paid the physician to put that ass on you?” That range alone tends to make this song a must-listen.

Juanes continued a limb with this particular one, and been successful in delivering a very good party track.

Militant and all, it's nonetheless therefore well-written, one can’t resist hearing every term.

Fonsi went for uptempo pop music as opposed to his trademark ballad and won with this particular catchy, irresistible track.

The singer's huge rock ballad needs gotten much more play than it performed.

3. "El Mar De Sus Ojos" - Carlos Vives task. Choquibtown
Lovely, uplifting, fresh, innocent, and danceable, it is the perfect tropical/pop track.

2. "6 AM" - J Balvin task. Farruko
“Pero que clase de rumba, pa-pa-pa.” (interpretation: “just what a dope party, pa-pa-pa.”) Yep, we’ve all already been there, and that's why we all love this tune.

There’s reasons this song is near to striking 30 days at No. 1 regarding the Hot Latin Songs chart. Irresistible.

top dance latino, tren a Londres/zumba cumbia.
top dance latino, tren a Londres/zumba cumbia.
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