Chã das Caldeiras

August 24, 2022
Cha das Caldeiras - Fogo

Fogo had been the next area into the archipelago to-be populated, after Santiago (then São Tiago). Initially, the area's cash crop had been cotton, chosen by slaves from Angola. A fiery eruption in 1688 caused most the inhabitants to go out of for nearby Brava, another of this Cape Verdean islands. From 1785 on, whaling vessels from Brockton and brand new Bedford, Massachusetts (American) found replenish their boats and recruit teams. The deviation of the Americanos marks the beginning of the Cape Verdean diaspora. Not everyone left Fogo, nonetheless. In 1870, the eccentric matter of Montrond (France) ended on the area on the way to Brazil, approximately he believed. He remained, and brought with him the vines that kicked down wine production within the caldera. Lots of the residents of Chã, with regards to light epidermis, blond hair, and blue-eyes, locate their particular ancestry back again to the biologically prolific matter.

Pico do Fogo erupted on November 23, 2014 while the lava devastated the parts of Bangaeira, Portela and Dje de Lorna and areas of the town, the majority of the center, the western component around 1 kilometer and a lot of regarding the southern component in which the volcano erupted, a 3.5 km stretch the south basalt paved road that linked São Filipe ended up being covered with lava from around 400 m through the center right down to across the 4th kilometer, the road had been decreased to a track encircling the earlier and present lava flows and rerouted to north regarding the center.


The town when showcased a school along with 158 pupils in 2010. The recent eruption has closed the school.

Normal setting[edit]

A big crater rim with 1000-meter escarpments, labeled as the Bordeira, encircles the village, which is made of two neighborhoods, Portela and Bangaeira. From the simple is just one large volcanic top (2, 829 m from sea level) and many smaller peaks and lava industries from recent eruptions, most notably 1951, 1995 and 2014 (where the whole population needed to be evacuated). The complete caldera, some 67 km², is a protected area within the Parque All-natural do Fogo, a cooperative work between your German and Cape Verdean governments.

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Deslocados de Chã das Caldeiras criticam alegada
Deslocados de Chã das Caldeiras criticam alegada ...
Lisboa recebe noite solidário a Chã das Caldeiras
Lisboa recebe noite solidário a Chã das Caldeiras
1. Há Mar Há Terra, Chã das Caldeiras
1. Há Mar Há Terra, Chã das Caldeiras
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