Latin Ballroom Dance Costumes

August 23, 2022
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Sergio and SaludSergio Leal and Salud Leon, would be the creators of Latin Dance professional, a Latin dance organization located in l . a ., CA. Since 2000 they usually have had the privilege of teaching, carrying out, contending, and choreographing as a team, revealing their passion for dance due to their pupils throughout south California and past.

Apart from their particular passion for dance, Sergio and Salud have been style enthusiasts, always being attentive to information and magnificence when it comes to their dancewear and dance costumes. As expert dancers, they comprehend first-hand exactly what performers look for in dancewear to feel their best on the dance flooring. They appreciate elegance, womanliness, unique design, and practicality; all elements seldomly within dancewear. For years they wanted revealing this passion due to their pupils in addition to party neighborhood within the U.S. and abroad. Sergio and Salud desired to be able to offer all performers with dancewear they could feel at ease and uninhibited in; dancewear which both captivating and wearable.

It was their particular devotion to dance and keenness for fashion that motivated and motivated Sergio and Salud to set about creating their own Latin dancewear business, Latin Dance Fashions.

Latin Dance FashionsIn an effort to offer their customers because of the absolute best, they import from best dancewear and party footwear manufacturers from nearly every corner of globe, including the U.S., Canada, Vietnam, Italy, Hong-Kong, and Romania, amongst others. In 2007 Latin Dance Fashions had been the first to introduce top-notch, affordable, custom-made Latin party costumes into dance globe. They discovered and partnered up with a number of the top manufacturers from other countries to create brand-new types for performers and rivals alike, and consistently innovate using their creations on a regular basis.

To date, Latin Dance Fashions' costumes have actually starred in film and tv, while having already been worn by star performers in prestigious competitions and showcases all over the world. Their appealing dancewear, costume, and dancing footwear collection is amongst the largest and most trendy undoubtedly, and their competitive prices are challenging match. All this has made Latin Dance Fashions among the top-ranking online retailers on earth.

/>Latin Dance Fashions will continuously attempt to appeal to your dancewear requirements. Whether you’re looking a fabulous top for a laid-back night of dancing out on the town or an awe-inspiring Latin party outfit for a ballroom dance competition, you’ve visited the right place. From our dance tops and dance dresses, to your party skirts and party footwear, we guarantee that you’ll experience gorgeous and will be inspired to dance. Enjoy, and keep on dancing!

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Ballroom Dance Costumes Orlando
Ballroom Dance Costumes Orlando
White and Gold Latin Dance Costume with Swarovski Stoning
White and Gold Latin Dance Costume with Swarovski Stoning
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