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December 23, 2020
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Scallop and prawn dumplingsI mistook these pork and prawn dumplings for shark fin dumplings, but I wasn’t too pissed-off – they were plump and saturated in flavour.

The scallop and prawn dumplings were tasty nevertheless the skins had been possibly too soggy thanks to spending plenty amount of time in the steamer.

Deep down, I know that xiaolongbao dumplings usually are most useful averted at yum cha restaurants. But I never ever appear to find out my training therefore before we knew it, I was ordering a steamer of XLBs.

As expected, there was clearly no soup on it but at least the pork stuffing had been nice and hearty.

I’m going right on through a salted egg custard bun stage at the moment therefore it was crucial that individuals order these. I recently love the unified balance between salty and sweet, enveloped in a pleasant fluffy white bun and these couldn't dissatisfy.

Marty isn’t a fan of ginger tripe (really, hardly anybody i understand likes all of them) therefore I ended up being glad to savor these by myself.Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) The tripe dish was a great performer – a great part dimensions along with beautiful flavours.

Zhaliang is generally ordered separately at yum cha – like in, they don’t come at ya via the yum cha trolleys. My dad, despite becoming Chinese, could never pronounce this meal properly so he was constantly struggling if we wanted to purchase this meal. Thankfully, the people at Yum Cha Robina offer a menu for each dining table so we can point to whatever we feel like ordering besides whatever we just take from the trolley.

Anyway, the zhaliang right here was pretty good and extra things for bread stick staying very crunchy despite being drenched in most that sauce.wp4 having said that, many locations also chuck in some Chinese broccoli pieces wrapped in rice noodle moves and Yum Cha Robina performedn’t.

The very last what to show up had been the har gow, my favourite yum cha dish of those all. The stuffing was beautiful, although dumplings by themselves had been smaller than what I’m usually regularly.

We had been unfortunate that we performedn’t get to purchase anymore dishes. I'd have ordinarily included more fried dishes towards dining table but the two of us had very limited appetites that day therefore we didn’t. All up, I was thinking it absolutely was a tremendously good meal also it ended up beingn’t excessively high priced (yum cha dishes ranged from $3.80 for a little to $6.80 for a ‘special’). With out visited Dragon Cove in Sanctuary Cove, I’d must state that this might be Gold Coast’s best yum cha restaurant.

Egg custard bun Ginger tripe Zhaliang (Chinese dough stick wrapped in rice noodle moves) Har gow (prawn dumplings)

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